Client | Andalusia Tourism
Ogilvy | CCO Roberto Fara | DCE Javier Senovilla & Juan Pedro Moreno | DC Alex Maggi & Miguel Provencio | AD Alex Maggi & Aleguandra Vallejo | CW Miguel Provencio |  Director Manu Mazzaro | Photography Silvia Grav | Typography Alex Trochut | Production Hogarth, Roma, Landia, MCNULTY, Deseif
Role | Art Direction

I know a place. A place that has been hurting those who walk there for centuries.
A place so full of history and culture that it makes you feel empty.
Where its artist pierces your heart and stay inside you forever.
That's why we couldn't make an ad of this place.
In any case, a warning.
Art Direction - Case study
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