Client | LaLiga
Ogilvy | CCO Roberto Fara | DCE Javier Senovilla & Juan Pedro Moreno | DC Pablo Cachón & Patricia Medeiros | AD Aleguandra Vallejo | CW Andrea López | Production Hogarth
Role | Conceptualization, design & art direction
Awards | Creative Club of Spain (1xSilver Craft, 1xBronze Idea, 1xShortlist Innovation)
                  The One Show (1xGold Direct Marketing, 1xSilver Design, 1xMerit Design-Craft)
                  El Sol (1xGold Media, 1xSilver Design)
                  Cannes Lions (1xShortlist Direct, 1xShortlist Craft)

If football is always played with the feet why should LaLiga's unboxing be played with the hands?
This is the insight of Kick Off, the first unboxing done with the feet. A different and fun activation to celebrate the start of the 2022/23 LaLiga championship.
Making Off
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