Personal Project
Role | Idea & Art Direction
Year | 2023
Welcome to La Ideoteca, a graphic library of creative minds put on paper notebooks.
Sadly, between .docs and Mac notes we are losing how some of the best creative minds of the world look like. For that reason, I decided to create this book.
While I continue recollecting notebook pages to publish the physical edition, La Ideoteca works as a "lived book" posting day by day new pages on its instagram edition.

Right now, La Ideoteca has pages from creatives of six countries, different roles and industries (filmmakers, musicians, copywriters, art directors, typographers...)
After almost a year with this project I had the honor to presented it in a Más Mujeres Creativas event, in which 12 different creative girls showed their work. (click here to see video recap)
At the same time, I started to collaborate with this organization since January 2024 to visibilize creative woman with different roles through their notebooks pages; with the objective to encourage girls and close the gap between boys and girls visibility in the creative industry.
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