Client | Uber
Ogilvy |  DCE Javier Senovilla & Juan Pedro Moreno | DC Pablo Poveda & Guille Fernández | AD Gabriel Pedrozo, Luis Contreras & Aleguandra Vallejo | CW Alex Bernabé & Antonio Capdevila | Production Hogarth, La Selva
Role | Art Direction

So many artists need decades to reach the Latin GRAMMYs. So for the first Latin GRAMMYs celebrated out of America, we wanted to bring the red carpet with an Uber's ride but in the most iconic way to find new sing stars in the last decades: a talent show.
Uber Talent has been the first Talent Show celebrated in a car, a different and fun activation with some of the most famous spanish and latin artists as jury.
Jury Social Media
Product In-App
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